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book cover 01Lex Talionis
by Aaron Meizius
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A fast , pacy start from the beginning which quickly draws you in, making you interested enough to keep turning the pages.

The two main characters are typical of the majority of friends where one is more dominant than the other. Everyone likes a bad boy who turns good but in this case the bad boy gets worse and is a real hard nosed villian.

Isaac spends most of their friendship feeling overshadowed and somewhat resentful towards his friend, these feeling intensify as they move into adulthood and go to the same University and then out into the work place as practising lawyers.

This book has lots of twists and turns and little sub plots throughout with a lot of surprises along the way.

Any sex and violence is hinted at and not written graphically but left to one’s imagination, making this book suitable for everyone.

A good, suspensful short story which I can definitely recommend.

C. Taylor
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This book really intrigued me. First you have Isaac, who is determined, but not very brave. Then you have Michael. You can tell from the beginning that he has a lot of influence on his friend, and is the one in control of their friendship. Something is off about Michael, but you can’t really put your finger on it. After Michael’s girlfriend goes missing, and there is a falling out between Isaac and Michael it seems like everything is in the past. Then Michael shows back up and old ghosts start to haunt Isaac. He can’t give up the feeling that Michael caused something to happen to Alyssa when they were in college. This causes him to start his own search for the truth. What he finds along the way is trouble, and a string of coincidences that are too much to ignore. I was very surprised by what Isaac found out more than once. You can tell Michael is bad news, but how bad is he? I was also surprised by the lengths that Isaac was willing to go to find the truth. He risks everything to expose Michael, and finds more than what he bargained for. This book will keep you guessing, and it will surprise you. Intrigue, suspense, and shady characters will keep you wondering to the very end.

B. Mulder
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When school and subsequent college friends Isaac and Michael have a big falling out it’s over a girl, Alyssa. Alyssa goes missing in the first year of law school and is never seen or heard from again. Isaac is haunted by her disappearance and his old feelings over Alyssa are ignited when he faces Michael in a case fourteen years later. Pursuing his suspicions about his former best friend Isaac is consumed with finding Alyssa.

Meizius writes quite a malevolent antagonist in Michael with hugely sinister undertones, but I found myself rooting for the underdog Isaac as he battles for morality to find out what happened to Alyssa and bring the culprit to justice by putting his life, marriage and career on the line.

A gripping legal thriller.

B. Ahmed
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