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The Five Kingdoms of Severi
Dora Gonzalez
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This fantasy adventure follows the story of two young men who must fight for their lives and those of their countrymen.  In true epic fantasy fashion the story takes a while to get going, with plenty of world building along the way.  I only wished there were a few less discussions about the beautiful sword.  Other than that and a few confusing pov switches, I greatly enjoyed Five Kingdoms.  I appreciated Gonzalez’s imaginative narration and sense of old world folk lore.  I could see myself surrounded by rolling brooks and singing birds wandering through the forest right along beside Edwin and Alden.  If you savor sword fights and prefer to lavish yourself in the lore of yesteryear, pick up Five Kingdoms of Severi today!  4 stars and off to a great start!

Ashley Kemp
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I was completely sucked in to this book. There were so many surprises and revealed secrets I was really kept on my toes. Why is Edwin’s dad so determined to teach him how to fight, what is the queen up to, why is Edwin’s mom sneaking around, who are the oracles and what are doing, and who is the man that controls the dark magic?  If you are paying attention you might catch the very small little hints for the biggest secret, but chances are you won’t and there is no way I’m going to spoil it. There is magic, mystery, danger, and adventure on a grand scale with a tapestry of characters’ stories woven together in a way that reminds me of Terry Brooks’ Shannara series. There are so many things that must happen for things to be set right and only a small few who know how necessary those little things are. The characters come to life with their struggle to survive, and their flaws that cause them to make mistakes along the way. They are so very real to you when you are reading that I already feel like they are friends that I need to check in with and see how they are doing. I cannot wait to read the second book. My only complaint is that there were moments where I felt like I was missing a little history or background on some of the relationships. Dare I suggest a prequel? I don’t think that the extra detail would be fluid in this book as it would slow down the story line, but there were a few times where my curiosity was dying to know what had happened in the past. Other than that I think that the story is great, the characters grow throughout the book, and I was left wanting more. If you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and a little mystery I highly suggest you read this book.

B. MulderFor TJs
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I enjoyed this very much! I’m really happy to add author Dora González to my fav authors. The writing style captivated me from the beginning and had me hooked to the story.

The story is from multiple perspective in third person which I loved cuz it fitted perfectly with the story. I loved the different POV’s of characters. I liked to know them all and how all of them added to the story line.

Edwin is the main character in this most of the time lol. As I said earlier it has multiple POV’s which made me feel everyone was main characters even the POV’s from antagonist (I don’t mean the main villain but a character who can get on the good side).

So Edwin and Alden are the main characters but I enjoyed the POV’s of their parents. I liked that fact cuz I’ve not read YA books from parent’s POV which was new and great for me!

I liked Alden in beginning but by end I liked Edwin more. They were both nice.

I loved this book and am looking forward for the sequel and Dora’s writing. Got the book in exchange of an honest review.

S. Mohite
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