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Michael Robertson
The Alpha Plague


I was completely lost in this book! It was like I was watching an action/horror movie and couldn’t look away because I would miss something. Rhys’s desire to get to his son and save him despite the odds drew me in and I kept rooting for him the whole time. Also, the fact that he tries to do the right thing no matter what makes him such a likeable character. There are so many men in his position that just give up on their kids because of their ex that you want him to find a way to be with his kid. There are so many things in this story that are realistic and tough. Would you be able to kill a child that is now a reanimated corpse? Would you hesitate to help someone when you have a chance to get out? So many moral questions come together in this book that I was fascinated by the choices Rhys had to make. Then there is his companion Vicky whose guilt makes her doubt what kind of person she really is. Together they make an interesting team in their fight to survive. The scenario in the book is so plausible it’s scary. People’s paranoia can be a very powerful thing and I don’t doubt for a minute that a government would use it to their advantage. Then there is the terrorists who don’t care about the lives they destroy. It is a powerful combination that I don’t doubt for a minute could come true. The scientist is the personification of what we fear one could be. No remorse, living only for his work and studying the science of a situation instead of caring about people. I find it interesting that the government is a faceless entity. There are no specific officials in charge except the local police. I think it adds to the paranoia side of their existence. I highly recommend this book for any zombie fan especially those who liked World War Z even though these zombies are not that fast they still move at a pretty good pace. The only negative thing that comes to mind is some people might have trouble handling the zombie baby scene and maybe the school children. However, I think these moments really show the reality of what someone would have to face in such a situation.

B. Mulder
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The Alpha Plague is an apocalyptic survival thriller done right. Working well as a stand-alone though in actuality the first of a series, this novel covers just the first few hours of a viral plague:

Falling within the broader category of zombie apocalypses, this take is toward the rage spectrum of 28 Days Later rather than the lumbering Walking Dead variety, which makes it all the worse for Rhys and his kick-ass partner-by-circumstance Vicky in his quest to escape Summit City and save his 6 y.o. son, Flynn, who’s at school some miles away.

Rhys and Vicky are fallible protagonists with limited resources, but courage and determination worthy of rooting for in this non-stop action thriller.

J. Kintigh
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