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D. Drache Dragao – The Welter War
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Sometimes in life we tend to say things that we believe to be true, but when the facts come up and smack us in the face with brutal honesty we are forced to reconsider our stance on the situation. It doesn’t matter how much we want something to be true if it is not then we cannot force it to be so. This is a lesson that all must learn and if they are to grow from the experience then they must humble themselves and admit that they were wrong.

The Welter War by D. Drache Dragao is a story that displays this message through the growth and humbling of one of the main characters, Michael Bennett. He starts out as the reigning IFB Welterweight title belt holder who believes that boxing is a much tougher and more “real” sport than MMA. He is married to a lovely woman and has a young son who is his namesake. As the story progresses Michael learns many valuable lessons. He and his wife have a conflict which ends up causing them to separate during which time he finally accepts the challenge to step into the cage and fight the world renowned Elijah Moore.

Elijah Moore has been facing tough times of his own. His best friend and partner of three years was killed in an alcohol related automobile crash. He is holding a secret from everyone that could ultimately change the way others view him, and may create a large backlash when Elijah finally reveals the truth about him being bisexual. He is also trying to continue with a project his late partner started at the local LGBT center teaching self defense classes to school-aged children. With all of these items on his plate he is also having some family concerns of his own.

As you can tell by now, this story is very complex and elaborate in the range of issues that it covers. If you are prepared to read, listen and learn about the plights of two very honorable men and those around them, then I suggest you pick up your copy of The Welter War and begin reading. The values instilled through the writer’s words will ring true to you and have you looking at life in a whole new light.

M. Clark
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