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This is very much a medieval romance, but set in a fictional land. Lord Dentin is Securer of the Realm.

That means he works to find wrong doers, and enforce the law. Even if that means going around the wishes of a devious King. He is in the middle of one task when a Baron is murdered. Dentin must find the killer and protect those in danger.

Lady Elsa is attending her sister’s wedding.  Her mother is playing matchmaker, and her brother is trying to use Elsa to get himself out of debt.

With so many men trying to arrange things to their own advantage,  killing any who get in the way, there is a lot of danger about.

Just because he has a killer to find doesn’t mean the King is giving him anymore timid to carry out his wishes,  and an impatient King is just as dangerous as the killer.

As I love my historical books , this was a joy to read. A clean romance with lots of action and adventure.  It is the 2nd in the series,  but can easily be read as a stand alone.

P. Winmill
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I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It is in the YA genre and really sticks to it. Yes, there is passion and the attraction between the hero and heroine is very much there, but the adult details are left to the imagination which is very refreshing. To me it was like oh my, he’s going to kiss her! Darn it they closed the curtain! I found that it did not detract from the story at all and actually left more room for the plot to hold me captivated. There are many layers to Elsa and Simon’s story and I find myself wondering about the full story of Simon’s past. I have not read the first book so this was my introduction to Rhynan and its people. I loved the way the author gave details about the characters’ pasts without making them big long paragraphs that interrupted the story. It was quick little tidbits that let you know what was influencing their thinking. It made the story flow nicely for me since I was new to the series. I also enjoyed the way the book went back and forth between the hero and heroines’ perspective on what was happening. While usually this means that the same story is shared twice this time it helped keep things moving and let you know exactly what was going on because of the various things happening in secret with each character. It is very well done. I don’t really have anything big to complain about. There are no major typos or grammar issues to bother the reader and detract from the story. The beginning of the story didn’t hook me right away as I had to wait a little bit to figure out what was going on, but once
I caught on to the fact that there was secrets on both sides I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen. It is sad to think that family members would treat each other the way that is shown in some parts of the book but sadly it does happen. These moments are handled well, and with just enough truth to make an impression, but not make them the focus of the story.

B. Mulder
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After finishing Duty, I had been eagerly anticipating the release of Honor, which is the second Novel in the series.

Let me first say that because I’m familiar with the writing style of Rachel Rossano, I already knew to expect a story with an intriguing plot, well-developed characters which enable the reader to establish a like or dislike for them, and just an overall well-written book. Honor did not disappoint, and I can honestly say that I believe Rachel’s writing skills have even grown beyond what I expected.

Rachel did a great job of getting the reader to develop a genuine attachment to Elsa. Dentin, her love interest, is a bit more mysterious and will have the reader second-guessing him, but you still want to root for him. The story follows the two on a romantic journey which is interrupted by many outside situations. It has a bit of a Romeo and Juliet type feel, in a good way. The book was easy to read and understand, and kept my attention the whole time.

Highly recommended to people of any age.

C. Johnson
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An intriguing book with two  mixed elements which create an exciting new read. We have the medieval element mixed with romance and done in a way not to favour one genre over the other, as the author has the skills to entwine the two together and create a world that allows the characters to develop and grow around each other. We follow the noble earl tasked with the enforcement of the laws of the land, a sacred duty that sometimes brings him into conflict with the King and the other high and mighty in the land. In the course of his duties he meets Elsa, a strong minded woman not willing to bend but the two dance well around each other till they face up to what others are pushing on them for other reasons.

N. Thomas
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Reading Honor, I was afraid that by “clean” historical fantasy I would also be getting something very bland. Not that clean books are bland–far from it–but you will always get some of the authors who think that clean is synonymous with plain. Thankfully, this book is anything but boring!

Somewhere between Gail Carson Levine and J.R.R. Tolkien, the book is set in a fantasy world of olden times. As a rule, I don’t usually read historical romances because they are all the same after a while. One thing blurs into another, but not here. The most memorable thing are the strong characters. They have actual personalities, and you can either love or hate them easily.

I love, love, LOVE the medieval times, and I have ever since I was little and watched the Disney version of Robin Hood! Even now, I love anything set during the times of kings, queens and knights. The valiancy, the fights, everything about it is so exciting! While Honor does tone down the violence quite a bit, it doesn’t take away from the authenticity of it.

When a book is set in a specific place and time, I get disappointed if it’s not accurate. Honor is definitely accurate! I love reading a book where you, as a reader, can tell the author not only did their homework, but really cares about the details in their story.

This was great fun for teens, adults and anyone who likes sweet romance with a good plot.

K. Smith
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