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Her Last Chance – Danielle Lee Zwissler
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I am not a huge romance comedy reader but I loved the spiritual element to this heart-warming novel, which was far from sanctimonious. Katherine is given a second chance from God to find and be with her soulmate, Warren. However, this time she’s a career woman in New York aspiring for her dream job as advice columnist for The New York Times. Her boss is evil and she has had a crush on a co-worker for eight years.

When she gets a call from her mother to help out and look after her father in Connecticut, after an operation scheduled in ten days time, she reluctantly agrees. Just before she leaves she faces a huge humiliation, but Katherine isn’t the type of character likely to go down without swinging. She faces a week of matchmaking, hiding her real employment circumstances and misleading her family, oh and falling for a guy, but will Katherine choose happiness?


I’m the type of person who dips in and out of romantic novels. We all need a bit of romance. I am intrigued by the cover of this book.  As I read, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the story. It starts from a dark place as we follow Katherine as she rebuilds her life and looks for that last chance, life is never what we expect to be and like a mystery novel this has several twists to it.  I won’t say much about where she obtains some of her best advice. It is one of the best written books I have read this year, the author shows a delicious skill and wit in her writing. You can tell that a lot of love and thought has gone into her writing . The main characters interconnection makes the book more than just a romance.

N. Thomas
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