The Moth in the Mirror
by A.G. Howard
Mad Tea Party Book Reviews

Mad Tea Party Book Reviews

The Moth in the Mirror

By: A.G. Howard


Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

This is a novella that is told from Jeb and Morpheus’ POV. It was meant to be a glimpse of what was ahead in Unhinged.

It is only about 40 pages, but they are a wonderful 40 pages. I think I would love anything that included Howard’s character, Morpheus.

This novella was primarily to showcase Morpheus’ inability to understand what Alyssa sees in Jeb and in return, he wants to better understand his rival in order to win Alyssa’s affection.

It also shows what was going through Jeb’s mind when he was separated from Alyssa in Splintered.

Loved this short novella!

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